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Tuesday, December 30, 2008--5:52 PM.

For the spammer,
or i should say,
Although its long time ago...

Their Diary ;

Thursday, December 11, 2008--9:44 PM.

I am just gonna write out this short real-life experience from someone. n it was told to me..

there was this middle aged man who was diagnosed with cancer. His doctor gave him one year to live. Instead of being upset about it, he chose to look on the bright side of things. He told a friend that he was happy that at LEAST he knew how he was going to die, n, besides, he had ONE year to live, while some other only had a couple of months. his friend was kinda amazed by his optimism at things.

about a couple of weeks later, he came back to his friend, in a joyous mood. His friend, den asked him as to why he was so joyful. WAS i cause he became cancer free? The middle aged man replied "NO, BUT i have been Given 12 years to live!" upon being asked on the sudden change in the number of years, he said" i went to twelve different doctors, and all gave me ONE year to live.. so all in all, i have twelve years to live.! " and he went along smiling thoughout & being optimistic.

miraculously currectly, because of his optimism, till todae, twenty over years later,
he Still lives..

HEYY, if a man diagnosed with cancer can be so optimistic, WHAT MORE US? :)

wei er, i DID post! :) hahas..

Their Diary ;

Tuesday, December 2, 2008--5:36 PM.

I'm here to give the spamer a great:

Thank You!

1- Thanks For keeping the class's tag board alive.
2- Thanks For wasting your valuable time on this small blog.
3- Thanks For decorating the tag board with beautiful letters.
4- Thanks For advertising some of our classmate's nick/online name.
and finally
5- Thanks for NOT putting your name there.
[I'm afraid that if we know your name some of my classmates will go and bash you up and kena expel we won't like that:D]


Their Diary ;


A class of 40 Extremely unique humans
Their class is at Orchid.Park.SS
1A1 - year 2008
Best Class Ever

The Blogger.


2008 1A1 OPSS


Form Teacher
Mdm. Azzah :)

Committee Members
Evelyn.4 August
Kai Xiang.9 October
Qi Cheng. 29 March
Carene. 17 May
You Qian. 7 January
Jin Li.8 March
Ariel.13 September
Hafiz. 5 October
Manpreet.6 October

Subject Reps.
Samantha. 29 November
Jig. 22 November
Chunyu. 12 October
Winni.2 March
Chen Qiang. 3 April
Donavan. 8 March
Kevin. 4 April
Gagandeep. 2 January
Zara. 26 April
Erina. 26 August
Travis.29 June
Nicholas. 8 December
Tom & Jerry

1A1 rest of the members ;D

Yue Ting.7 June
Edwin. 2 December
Germaine. 14 January
Wei Er. 11 February
Zi Ying. 21 October
Zhi Hui. 24 February
Su Yi. 11 September
Zheng Yu. 20 September
Huai Miao. 7 September
Haziq. 26 December
Wei Keong. 28 April
Ming Kwang. 24 October
Jessie. 18 December
Chiu Choo. 4 November
Chu Hui.9 April
Wen Qing. 12 June
Yong Ting. 1 August
Jing Ni. 24 December
Wei Xiang. 6 January

- not according to anything ;D
Everybody has the same role okays ;D .



-Get A1s fir all subjects.


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