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Tuesday, October 28, 2008--8:09 PM.


There will be a 1A1 parteh for US. ; )


unless its cancelled unfortunately. ._.

We have think about it for months already.

We include ChuHui and me of course.

but we also discuss among each other and other people.

haha! well, the thing is that , it will be at ESCAPE

themepark not anything else. where ?


how to go there. you can be there yourself.

by car. by bus . by mrt. by LEG too.
aeroplane, helicopter if you can afford.
lorry if you have, van if you like. or even
TAXI, limousine ? anything!

&& you could even meet us at YISHUN interchange

and we will bus there. how. 969 ; )

then from there another bus.


its okay if you cant come but of course it would be the first parteh

why miss it ?

am i right yes i am Lol

Pay yourself ok course, maybe we would have a time table . ?

hahah! then all you need is to PAY and have FUN ?

only 1A1 remember!

okay. GUYS, Terms & Conditions. Lol.

well, if you are going please inform either ChuHui or Zara MSN. EMAIL.

Or handphone .
singapore please lol.

Zara : 91179081

ChuHui : 82057218

MSN and Email : zara_95@hotmail.com

Please do inform either one of us if you are coming ,
Name ; ) and your phone number please if you are coming.
so that we could reconfirm the party with you once again
if who knows it suddenly gets cancelled CHOY lah.
and don give names like Eg. Nugget. whatever where
no one knows who you are, ? LOL. i want real name!
LOL. okay!
hahas! it will be our first party leh!
Must come lah!!!!!!

Venue: Singapore, escape theme park.
Time: Not confirm yet. but would be about 11-to the afternoon
Date: this thursday, 30 OCTOBER ;)
not okto but octo. it wasnt meant to be funny ;B

$17.70 unless you want to act as a 3-12 years old kid

Everything will be reconfirm.

With lots of smile. , your classmate, Zara Wee. ; )

Their Diary ;

Wednesday, October 22, 2008--3:29 PM.

Hello peeps ! Evelyn is back again ! Wahahahahahaas . Got back our report books today . Yayness ! Promotion status: Promoted to S2 EXPRESS ! Yippieness ! I hope you guys were also promoted to S2 EXPRESS ! Well , today simply was BORING . The talk was so-so (?) . Its not sexual education talk whats . What is their problem ? Its just a BGR talk . Two different matters to me (?) Oh well , school is ending soon . Boohoo ! Im so sad . I will miss school for sure ! School holidays are meant for rotting at home . Uhh . Lovees . Loves .

May all 40 of us be in twoaone'09 .

Their Diary ;

Monday, October 20, 2008--5:32 PM.

Hello peeps ! Ahahahahas . Guess who's here ? Its Evelyn ~ lolol . That was lame -.- Oh well ; today whole bunch of secondary ones went to Haw Par Villa . Sounds cool ehs ? Joking . lolol . Well had a whole loads of fun there ! Well it was f.hot there . But freaking cold in the bus . Brrrrr . teehees ; had a race thingy (?) don't know what crap lahs . I spent time talking to friends instead of the race thingy . Ahahahahas . But still got help lahs . Walalalalalals . You guys had fun, eh ? Hope you guys did ! Well thats all for now . Best of luck for tomorrow's inter-class games .. Lovees . Loves .

Their Diary ;

Sunday, October 19, 2008--6:41 PM.

Hello 1a1-rians ! Evelyn here , helping the 40 classmates to update . Don't worry . Im gonna keep this blog alive lahs . ;D Ahahahaas . Honestly , this is my first post in this class blog . lolol . Guess all of you guys took back your class photos ? Ahahahas . Happy with it ? You guys look awesome . Walalalalas . You guys looking forward to tomorrow's trip ? Im f. looking forward to it ! Oh well . Thats all for now peeps . Lovees . Loves . 그가 말하길, "난 이블린을 사랑해!"

Their Diary ;

Friday, October 17, 2008--2:41 PM.

Oh man,
our class blog is worst than the

In cemetery,
people come and go,looked at the tombs
but atleast they left some
flowers or offering for the dead.

But in this blog,
people come and people go,
looked at the post,
but don't even bother to leave a tag.


Wei Er Here

Their Diary ;

Saturday, October 11, 2008--2:22 PM.

Someone post something please!


Their Diary ;

--2:07 PM.

Sorry I'm Just Too Free AFT Exam XD

Wei Er here :D

Their Diary ;

--11:18 AM.

Found this in OPSS website XD

Hahs KQC^^^^^^^^


Their Diary ;

Thursday, October 9, 2008--3:11 PM.

Hey! Wei Er is BACK,
Lol, it seems like i'm the most free de in class :D
Went to Miss Toh's blog found some interesting photo XD


Bro! where's your hand?!

Ang Wei Xiang, still say you not horny! Caught you RED handed! Hahs.

Its all from Miss To's blog XD

By the way, it's Kai Xiang's Birthday today,
Happy Birthday!!!

Their Diary ;


A class of 40 Extremely unique humans
Their class is at Orchid.Park.SS
1A1 - year 2008
Best Class Ever

The Blogger.


2008 1A1 OPSS


Form Teacher
Mdm. Azzah :)

Committee Members
Evelyn.4 August
Kai Xiang.9 October
Qi Cheng. 29 March
Carene. 17 May
You Qian. 7 January
Jin Li.8 March
Ariel.13 September
Hafiz. 5 October
Manpreet.6 October

Subject Reps.
Samantha. 29 November
Jig. 22 November
Chunyu. 12 October
Winni.2 March
Chen Qiang. 3 April
Donavan. 8 March
Kevin. 4 April
Gagandeep. 2 January
Zara. 26 April
Erina. 26 August
Travis.29 June
Nicholas. 8 December
Tom & Jerry

1A1 rest of the members ;D

Yue Ting.7 June
Edwin. 2 December
Germaine. 14 January
Wei Er. 11 February
Zi Ying. 21 October
Zhi Hui. 24 February
Su Yi. 11 September
Zheng Yu. 20 September
Huai Miao. 7 September
Haziq. 26 December
Wei Keong. 28 April
Ming Kwang. 24 October
Jessie. 18 December
Chiu Choo. 4 November
Chu Hui.9 April
Wen Qing. 12 June
Yong Ting. 1 August
Jing Ni. 24 December
Wei Xiang. 6 January

- not according to anything ;D
Everybody has the same role okays ;D .



-Get A1s fir all subjects.


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Jin Li
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